She’s Here and Huge!

Hi all you amazing individuals and yes this is us,

Im not tired

Our precious little one is here.  She arrived 6 days late and I was very happy she didn’t arrive any later. She weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 7oz (5.2kg) delivered naturally at home.2016-05-18 16.19.39  We have had 5 of our little ones at home now but she was just a bit too much.

It has taken 4 weeks for us to settle in after having bubs and dealing with the sleep deprivation.  I have spent the last weeks trying to relearn on how to deal with only 2 hours sleep.  There has been lots of eating, screaming and pooping and then there is the baby.  I don’t know where the time has gone, I’m sure it has just been one big day.  Night and day just seem the same – it’s all one big blur.sleep deprivation

For the first few weeks, I couldn’t even think about the boat.  My body had been through so much, that recovery and bubs were the main focus.  Yet now I find myself imagining living aboard, sailing around and enjoying the life. Our desire to get out of our house and onto a boat is now our whole focus.  We cannot wait!

We are putting together our money to buy our first boat, like a said in my last post it’s a doer-upper but big enough for all of us.  We just need to generate the last of the money which we are doing by selling some of our stuff.

I need to go and sleep or feed or something, I can’t remember what.  I’m sure I’ll be back to normal soon – Hahahaha!

What Hubby and I both look like right now.

Have a great day all!