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We Did It – We Bought A Boat!

Jun 23, 16
Our Large Crazy Nomad Family
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“All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walter E Disney

I know – seriously friggin’ awesome!

It is a 45′ Roberts Mauritius just like this one.Mauritius

It needs some work but we got it for a steal.  Obviously this is not our proper live aboard but it’s a start for us.  Having never owned a boat before, we are looking at this as our learning boat.  Getting more experience sailing in different conditions and spending a few days, maybe weeks living aboard to break us in.

We have also just acquired a dingy as well so now it feels like we are starting to live the life, traveling back and forth to our moored boat.  I know this is probably really funny to all you who live on your boats but because we are just starting, everything seems so exciting.  I find that I am really nervous getting from the dingy to the boat as it moves away from me.  Getting the kids on and off is a little nerve racking and I get really stressed about them falling off but I’m sure that will ease the more we do it.

I still can’t believe it – we are officially boat people.  Hubby had a huge learning curve as we picked it up from Sydney, had to get it ready and then sailed it back to Tassie.  WOW what a trip! But more about that another time.

On a side note – Our 12 year old, who has shown herself very good at song writing, has written a song about our dream called ‘We Chase the Ocean.’ It’s really good.  Her song writing ability has taken us a little by surprise.  Maybe she needed something she was passionate about and now she has written 2 songs.  She also has started picking up the guitar and trying to make music for them.  She has so much fun writing songs and maybe as we travel, this will just continue for her.  Never know where it might lead – So proud!

It feels as if everyone’s dreams are coming true as we speak and our ultimate dream of sailing around the world seems tantalizingly close.  Having the boat makes our desires better and worse – we know we have a lot to learn and that everything is happening – which calms our desires a little and yet having it also shows us how close we are and that makes us almost wanting to pack up and go NOW!  The world is out there and now we have a way to reach it – So Excited!


This is the start of our new life.  Looking forward to see how it progresses and if/how it changes us a people.

Thanks all and have an awesome day.


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She’s Here and Huge!

Jun 12, 16
Our Large Crazy Nomad Family
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Hi all you amazing individuals and yes this is us,

Im not tired

Our precious little one is here.  She arrived 6 days late and I was very happy she didn’t arrive any later. She weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 7oz (5.2kg) delivered naturally at home.2016-05-18 16.19.39  We have had 5 of our little ones at home now but she was just a bit too much.

It has taken 4 weeks for us to settle in after having bubs and dealing with the sleep deprivation.  I have spent the last weeks trying to relearn on how to deal with only 2 hours sleep.  There has been lots of eating, screaming and pooping and then there is the baby.  I don’t know where the time has gone, I’m sure it has just been one big day.  Night and day just seem the same – it’s all one big blur.sleep deprivation

For the first few weeks, I couldn’t even think about the boat.  My body had been through so much, that recovery and bubs were the main focus.  Yet now I find myself imagining living aboard, sailing around and enjoying the life. Our desire to get out of our house and onto a boat is now our whole focus.  We cannot wait!

We are putting together our money to buy our first boat, like a said in my last post it’s a doer-upper but big enough for all of us.  We just need to generate the last of the money which we are doing by selling some of our stuff.

I need to go and sleep or feed or something, I can’t remember what.  I’m sure I’ll be back to normal soon – Hahahaha!


What Hubby and I both look like right now.

Have a great day all!

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