Learning to sail and other fun stuff

Hi all,

I apologize for my absence but I am due to give birth to Number 10 in less than a week.  So at the moment I look like this.


Courtesy of colekcolek.com

While this pregnant, I with my desire for adventure decided to go and crew for a small sail boat during a race.  It was only a few hours long but it was very interesting.  So now picture the above picture doing this


Courtesy of fineartamerica.com

Well, it wasn’t that extreme but you get the picture.  I was on a 34′ boat on my first sail at 8 months pregnant during a race.  Actually to be honest, it was really awesome.  I just wish my manoeuvrability was better, I think I would have enjoyed it so much more.  It was a great few hours and the captain was amazing at getting me involved.

Hubby also went not only on a sailing course and an over the weekend sail that ended in them sailing through 45 knots winds on their last day.  It was really insane for first timers but again the captain was amazing and thought that is was an amazing learning experience for sailing on the open water.


Courtesy of dailytelegraph.com.au

Hubby was looking forward to the freedom of sailing but after the few sailing lessons, he is right into it.  Phew! I was starting to worry but now we are both ready to pack up and leave, well almost.

I was saying to Hubby the other day that after bubs is born, I’ll start saving up on breast milk and leave him with all 10 kids while I’ll go and do a weekend sail.  Actually he does fine minding all the kids, sometimes I think he is more organised than I am and has no problem feeding them, changing nappies and the like.  He would make a great stay-at-home dad.  Well he is already a work-from-home dad and is always there if the kids need him.  At the moment the kids are working with Dad to pull apart and sell car parts.  They love it and so does he.  He said to me once that he didn’t feel right to be away from the kids all day so now he works from home.  And the fact that we homeschool the kids, they always have Dad available if they need him and so do I.


Courtesy of giditimes.com


But I digress.

We have found a boat! I know – right.  It’s a doer-upper but it is big enough for our family to learn to sail in and take it up and down the coasts of Australia, as a start.  My Hubby is very capable when it comes to fixing pretty much everything.  He has pulled apart and fixed motors, done carpentry, plumbing, electrical so we should be ok but a boat is something we have never tackled.  Learning on the go is something that excites me.

If we get this boat, it will have to be sailed back home.  That will be a learning curve as it is.  It is already set up for solo sailing but Hubby will be doing it alone.  We have looked at it and the biggest challenge getting it home will be the sail across Bass Straight. This stretch of water is very shallow at only 100m at its deepest and the winds from the Southern Ocean get funnelled through it causing insane weather and waves.  Cross her in the wrong weather and she is very dangerous but get her when she is good and she is a glory to sail…….apparently.  Great way to throw ourselves in the deep end.  Getting to know the boat will be interesting too.


Courtesy of maritimetas.org

We know that our circumnavigation boat will be a catamaran.  The size is just too good for our size family but starting with a monohull seems to be the way we are going.  I would love to be able to see the New Years Celebrations in Sydney Harbour on our boat but we will see what happens.

On another note, I finished reading the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and it is amazing.  It has inspired me to write a children’s novel which I am already 3 chapters into.  I am getting our kids involved with their ideas for the stories and they are loving it.  It is so exciting and every time I finish a chapter, I read it to them and when there is no more they are so disappointed.  They just want me to keep reading but I need to write it first.

This is all for today as we get ourselves together and I spend another day waiting a little impatiently for this baby to arrive.  I can’t wait to get right into this boat and learning ourselves what it is like on the open water.

Have an awesome day all.





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