Religion & Television; How My Life Was Shaped.

I had an interesting up-bringing.  I was brought up in a very religious house-hold where I was not allowed to go to friends places that weren’t in the church.  I went to a school where a whole bunch of other church goers went, so if I did anything wrong, my parents knew very quickly.  As I got older and started putting on weight, I wanted to go to the gym but wasn’t allowed because my father was afraid of what I might get up too.  They weren’t very trusting but my dad was having an affair and a mother who spent the first few years after going to the church poisoning my dad with rat poison.

I had a huge fear with what I read in the Scriptures and felt as though God always was angry at me.  On the other side of the coin, my parents loved violent and horror movies which I watched from a young age.  So I grew up with a view of the world being one of either fear, death or violence.

To escape from this, I read a lot of romance novels.  So as I turned into a young adult, I had no idea of what the world really was.  I didn’t even know about sex until I was 17 – how sad is that!

We left that church 14 years ago but it was amazing how my upbringing continued to shape my view for years afterwards.  I look at the movies now and they just make me laugh.  If life was like that on TV, we were all be doomed.  I look at the shows whether movies or television, they are all about betrayal, sex, violence and death.  Don’t get me wrong, sex is great – scrap that, it’s FANTASTIC but televisions portrayal of it is so beyond reality.

This is why we need to travel.  Our kids need to see the REAL world, see how people are inherently good, with a few bad eggs.  Those bad eggs, though  bring the rest of us together, showing our love to one another, helping those that need it and bringing strangers into our lives in times of grief.

Love, REAL LOVE not television love is everywhere and is never more seen than after a tragic event.  If we all realized that this Love this in us everyday, how that would change our lives and the world.

We are trying to set an example for our kids to see the good in everything and to not dwell on the negative.  Seeing the world around them and seeing the people, how they live and their own happiness would help all of us in appreciating our lives and our happiness and just continue to spread it far and wide.

Love you all

Shalom and Cheers XX



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