Heading Forward At Last!

Hello All,

Today is another day in paradise, which is the lives that we live.

I can’t believe it but Passport interviews are finally done, YAY! It took a few goes to get them all in, we had to repeat a couple and then fix a couple more, but IT’S DONE! That means our Passports are being processed as we speak and we will get them in a few weeks.



That is a huge step in our Adventure.  Once we have those, there is nothing stopping us. The World is then open to us.

What about the cost, I hear you ask. Regardless of who you are, your vision of yourself and the World defines how the world appears to you.  We know our belief in our own prosperity, whether we see the money yet or not, just knowing it will be there when we need it, is all we need to make our Journey a reality. Read here and here for more information.



The World is just as open to all of you.  Reach out, embrace it and have the time of your life in whatever road you take.  Just you living the current life that you have but understanding that you are a perfect person, put on this Earth to do the most amazing things, can make you the happiest person around.  Everyone has a purpose to do the things that they love the most and be as Happy as they can be.  Finding and doing your purpose, is your life’s journey.

Live life, Love all and be the amazing person you know you are.

Shalom, be Happy and know the Universe has your back, Always! XX



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