Hello all you beautiful, wonderful people.

We have been pushing toward our dream on traveling around the world – on a boat and things have been going great.  We have basically picked out the boat we want

Norkest 63' Ketch Catamaran

Norkest 63′ Ketch Catamaran

and I have done the passports and set up the passport interview for next week (it will be a long one.  It takes 15-20 minutes per application and with me doing the 10 in that interview, that’s just over an hour and a half.) WOW! We are also going to sell the current dogs we have and buy a boat dog, so we have been organizing that as well.

Everything has been going really well and getting really excited.  We can almost taste the freedom and we are so looking forward to it.

Then last Thursday, we are hit with this

Our Son

Our Son

and it was a Shock!  Our youngest son had been vomiting a lot since Sunday, so I made an appointment with the Doctor for Thursday.  He had vomited about twice a day during those 4 days but was teething so we thought that it just might have been that.  He was a vomity baby but we soon realized he could only handle certain foods, mainly animal products.  So we kept him on this.  But from Sunday to Thursday it had been quite bad.  I took him into the Docs thinking that he would refer me to an allergist who would say he has either allergies or intolerances. BOY WAS I WRONG!

The Doc said to take him in to the hospital because he was way too light and small for his age.  I did that again thinking the same thing, only to find out his stomach was the size of his liver and full of gas, muck and acid.  I was really surprised because he was light and playful but he did vomit a LOT!

It dawned on me that it was really serious when at 2am Friday morn we are taking him down for another X-ray and in the room are:

1.Myself and our little man

2. The X-ray technician

3. The head X-ray technician whom they woke up to come in to do this special test

4. The head Pediatric Surgeon (whom they also woke up and got to come in)

5. The head Pediatric Doctor who should have gone home 3hrs earlier

6. Both Pediatric Doctors that were working that night.

All these people bar our son and I and the technicians were crammed into this little room trying to observe what the scans said.  I remember looking over and going ‘Crap this is happening’.

The Pediatric Surgeon said to me just before they did the scan that if they didn’t find the problem it would be an emergency surgery on him.

Thankfully they found that he has a restricted tube coming out of his stomach and that very little has got through.  They believe this has happened from birth which is why he is so little.

So now we have surgery booked this Thursday coming.  He will do great and then we are in here for a little longer while they see how his stomach responds to food, how it shrinks and his growth.

So our plans are temporarily put on the back-burner until he is better.  And he is very cute.

Little man enjoying coldness of the floor

Little man enjoying coldness of the floor

So we are in the hospital for the next few weeks and we take in one moment at a time.

This has really opened our eyes to how important being grateful for everything is, even the smallest of details; because it all matters.

What are you grateful for?

Thank you you gorgeous people and Shalom Aleichem


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