The Business of Body Language

This is a prequel to our current life – how Body Language became part of our lives that needed to be researched and studied.

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, well…. not really, a state far away,  Hubby started going deaf in his left ear.  This deafness was from a youth of working with power tools, playing guitar very loudly and fast cars.  It payed its toll on his hearing and the left ear was really starting show the years of damage.

The signs started revealing themselves with a cupping of the ear, favouring the right ear and needing to move closer to hear conversations.  The other side-effect was starting to read people body movements and signs to help bring context to the bits of conversation that were being heard.

Then there was a realization of what was being observed,  that peoples facial expressions and body movements were telling a story, more of the story and added all the context to the conversation.  In simpler terms,  if there was no body language then our stories would just be words with no real meaning.  An example of this – think of a soiled diaper held up to your face, you will notice as you are picturing this, that your head moves backwards and your nose wrinkled in disgust as your mouth turned downward.   Now imagine the same thing but without the body response – it would be meaningless, still a dirty nappy but that is it.  This is your Body Language and it happens whether we want it to or not.

Hubby, now noticing this Body Language, started researching what he was observing as well as recording it.  We were fascinated.  We research the Body Language experts Joe Navarro and Paul Ekman, looked at Desmond Morris Body Language for around the world, read journal articles and basically everything we could get our hands on.  With our own recordings, we started examining everything from the feet, hands, torso as well as frame by frame face analysis.  We also started paying attention to our own Body Language, noticing the little ticks on the face when we spoke, when we turned away because we didn’t like someone or used other objects to put in-front of us when we were uncomfortable.  We noticed the Body Language of our children – a good example of this is our younger son would come to us and tell us that one of his brothers hurt him somewhere or another.  When we asked him whether it hurts, he would say Yes and shake his head No at the same time.  You try it consciously – it’s hard isn’t it – but we all do it without thinking.

Hubby then got permission to do some research at the local Tafè.  He videoed students and teachers while showing them various images and had them say something to describe the images.  Hubby also had the video running as he was explaining what was happening so he got their behaviour before and after the experiment as well.  We then took those images and did a frame by frame analysis of the faces as well as the body positions.  When we put them together, we got a full picture of how the participants really felt when viewing the images.  The words that they described about the images were sometimes completely the opposite to what their Body Language was saying – but the Body doesn’t lie where our words do.  It was revealing.

Hubby is currently studying Psychology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to understand people and communicate better.  NLP is just advanced communication skills.  It shows people how to tap into their own lives and change their circumstances to what they want.  It reveals that through thought, you can make yourself the way you want it.  But it’s more – it shows how we can revolutionize  our communication with others whether in business or our personal lives.

Unfortunately it has a bad rap because it also deals with hypnosis, which freaks people out a bit. Admittedly it freaked me out a little.  I grew up believing that hypnosis was about making people cluck like chickens or manipulating people into doing horrible things.  When I realized that it was just tapping into your own unconscious mind and it couldn’t make you do something you wouldn’t normally, I eased up a little.

We are setting up our business so we can teach others what we know.  Hubby is dealing with all Body Language where as my interest is mainly infant Body Language.  We are going to do more research and you will see us published either in journals or/and we will write our own book documenting everything we have discovered.  We are looking forward to our travels and extra research from all over the globe as well as having an amazing adventure.

Thank you for giving up your time to listen to our stories.

You will have the most wonderful day and expect something amazing.

Shalom Aleichem all




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