Turning us on our heads

WOW, Our world is looking very different now!

We were looking at either getting a 5th wheeler or a bus and start traveling but I was determined  to go overseas.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have been contemplating how and where we would stay and live while overseas – would we rent homes in different countries, hire a renovated coach or buy a coach and renovate it wherever we are.  This part of our situations was giving me a little stress and I couldn’t seem to get past it.

Then about 5 days ago, an idea came to me out of the blue – how about a boat!  If we had a boat, we could travel and have the freedom I so desire and have a house for us.   The boat would be our home and then everything else would work around this.  To my wonderful surprise, Hubby is all for this and we are looking at this now.

Hubby is starting a business in Non-Verbal behaviour and its effect in our day to day business.  Non-Verbal behaviour (Body Language) is used in ever conversation, every interaction we have, either with family, colleagues, friends and personal relationships.  We know, that if others knew what their own bodies where saying, even when the mouths were saying the opposite, then relationships, friendships and work environments would be much more productive and fun.  We are currently delving more into NLP and how the subtleties of marketing and the like act on our sub-conscience and make us buy or behave in a way that we wouldn’t have normally.  NLP can have some topics that are a little scary at times but freeing people from they understand to be ‘the truth’ in their lives and showing them what is happening and why they are behaving in a certain way, is far more important for us a humans.  We are progressing so fast that we need to be aware of how people are manipulating us and have real Choice in our decisions.

We will write another post on how we got into Body Language and what we have done to progress our knowledge and understanding in this field.  We will also put down some of the research we have done  and what we have discovered.  We are planning on doing more research and getting some published in journals or writing a book on it.

We have worked out a business structure that 25% of all profits will be set aside to help people.  Helping others is at the forefront of everything that we do.  We really feel that the more you give of yourself, the more you get in return.  We don’t just mean giving to a charity, we mean providing what people need.  Finding out their wants and desires and helping them to achieve that.  Our goal in life to give of what we have to those that have so much less, looking at it from a Western view of less but we want to see what Their needs are and cater to them, whether that is building, or skills, or work and sometimes all they need is money.  People are amazing creatures and we have the ability to create amazing things and our goal is to make people as happy as possible.

As for our house (the boat) we are looking at a 50-60 foot catamaran.  We have never sailed before and we are getting all the licenses need for that and a few lessons on sailing.  We are still going to travel around the world but

We need to raise the money to buy the boat – not sure how we will do that….yet, but our life is progressing rather fast and I am so excited about it.  Just image it, all 11 of us living in a boat either docked or sailing and Hubby going out to teach people about Body Language – WHAT FUN!

I know our life looks strange to many but being free – our way, is vitally important to us as it is everyone – we just do it a little differently.

We Love You All

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