Everything is Unfolding

This is so cool, I am writing this on my new Travel Laptop!  Hubby bought it for me as a go anywhere computer.  He is really getting into this as well – IT IS SO EXCITING!

My laptopThis is just like my laptop.

For me, this is so wonderful, I can continue to write my blog, no matter where we are or what we are doing, I can continue my research and understanding my path in life.

I am currently reading Do You QuantumThink? It is really awesome and actually gives some ways I can continue changing our life in a major way. I am also reading Biology of Belief, The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom and listening to an audio Think and Grow Rich. It is just like me to read more than one thing at once. In the Master Key, the word Qigong is said Chi Kang, it is all about your energy, the Biology of Belief is more about the science behind how our cells respond to our thoughts and the energy around us.  Think and Grow Rich is about how your thoughts and beliefs, especially about your finances and money in general, shape your actual financial situation.  I know it all sounds wishy-washy but it really isn’t.

The funny thing is, I have never been into this kind of stuff like this – I thought is was all rubbish.  I grew up in church, learning about the bible and all of the miracles performed and wondered why, every Sunday, why weren’t they happening, why wasn’t I seeing people that were in wheelchairs walk, or the blind see and so on.

It is only now that I have learned properly that the Spirit is there guiding all of us and it is trying EXTREMELY HARD to show us that we have all the power at our disposal.  I am learning so much and really feeling the difference but I just want to tell everyone, everyone should know they don’t have to accept life as it is and not being able to change it.  I love the fact that life is malleable and amazing and we can all live the life that we dream about.

I am looking forward to the future and will keep you all updated on our progress.  Thank you for following and enjoy ourselves and our lives.

Shalom and Love to all forever.

Note:  I have no idea why the fonts are different or how to change it but it shows a little quirkiness which is just like me, so my site is now behaving like me – FANTASTIC!