Licence Holder!

Hello you beautiful people,

It has been great to see how many people are following along on our journey to our new crazy life and Today was a new step on our way.

I passed by Heavy Rigid (Class A, I think) license course – IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!training truck

Me, in this big truck, learning to drive – what we call here – a Crash Box (non-synchromesh gear box) Truck.  It was a Mack and beautiful.

I have never been a girly girl and this has been a dream of mine for a long time.  Our family has never been around trucks, my Dad didn’t like to be outdoors but I always loved the thought of being behind the wheel of something big and heavy – other than Conan, of course Blushing emoji

This is what we are heading towardsOur travel setup

Please if you have any comments please post them on our Facebook Page or Twitter at @nomadfamily12. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and if we can follow you on your amazing journey through life.

We can change our lives and the world – Together.




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