I have a Commitment Issue!

We were a nice quiet (HA HA HA – AS IF) family on 12 living on a small farm.  We have no electricity, water or sewage bills as we generate our own electricity, have water tanks and a septic tank.  We had been generating our own food for a while with goats milk and meat, chicken meat and eggs and a bull. This has saved us a tonne on money and we were learning to be fully self sufficient.  We were real hippies, loving the farm life and we were ready to sell up and move to a bigger farm.Farm

Then something happen, I started to see more people who had left their lives and started travelling.  I had always wanted to travel but like everyone, thought that it might happen one day.  Then one day, I saw a family who was travelling around Australia in a bus and had been for 10 years.  They had left ‘normal‘ life behind for nothing but adventure and damned what people thought.  I was hooked! I just wanted to sell up and travel and the travel bug wouldn’t let up.  It got to the point that I didn’t want to look at properties anymore because I just wanted to get away.

Conan and I began to discuss this as a holiday for a couple of weeks but I was adamant it had to be for about a year.  We started to compromise to about 3 months but my insides were squirming to get away. Now my country wasn’t enough, I wanted to explore the world! I was saying to myself “There has to be more than this little patch of land! I can’t settle down forever until I have seen more! I NEED more!” This urge was so strong now it was ridicules but I tried to hide it the best I could.

One evening as Conan and I were sitting on the couch after the kids were in bed, I fessed up and told him I had a serious Commitment Issue.  After 10 kids and 13 years of marriage I was not ready to settle down. There has to be more to my life than just farming, doing the same thing day in, day out. He was very surprised how strongly I felt it but as always, we couldn’t afford to go away. Life is expensive especially with 10 kids!

Then one day, out of the blue, I came across 2 books written by Pam Grout call E-Squared and E-Cubed. These books were about how we make our own reality, that our life around us and what is happening to us is our responsibility or our fault. The amazing thing was though, that just as we had created what is around us now, we have just as much ability to change it into whatever we want. That every possibility exists at once and that WE – no one else – makes our own future!

This sounded stupid, far-fetched and impossible to say the least, I’m in control – then why am I not the happiest person in the world – why is life so hard? The thing is though, that she has experiments in her book that prove these things and the more I did the experiments and the more I saw the results, the crazier and more wonderful things became.  The realization that can create, have and be WHATEVER I desire was a complete mind blower! I finished the first book in 2 days and the 2nd in 3 days and that’s not like me. I finally believed that I was in control, that I had a choice – free will you might call it.

Conan started to notice the change and how these experiments were working and so started doing some himself.  He started to believe that he was in control of his life and together we could do anything. That was my ticket to say this is what we are doing – I am going to travel the world with my family, I don’t know how we will afford it but I don’t care cause that’s what I want more than anything.  Nothing was going to stop me!

So the day after I finished the first book, I went down and got passport applications for all of us, a few days later we had our passport photos taken – well all except our 2 year old who refuses to have his taken – and I am in the processed of finishing those now.  We have bought travel bags for the kids and have told them that we are leaving for a around the world trip soon.  I don’t even know where we will start of what we will do or anything, I am just preparing. I am preparing because I have asked for this and given and timeline and I am getting ready in anticipation. If I create my own reality, well damn it I’m going to do it properly! We’re going to have not just a good life or a great life, we are going to have the most fantastic life we can have.  Our kids are going to have the best adventure known to man, they are going to see as much of this planet as we can and WHY NOT!  World in hands

Anyone and Everyone can do this even YOU can make yourself an even more fantastic person than you already are – and you’re all pretty fantastic now!

So as we prepare, I will keep you all updated on the happenings and all our feelings on this.  Right now, we are just all very excited.

Stay tuned and have fun!