New Years Eve Craziness

Yesterday I posted on how blessed we were to find our spot near Taronga Zoo. 20171230_122108

What I didn’t update was it got stressful real quick.

We were anchored and as the wind was swinging us around we got close to other boats. So we upped and moved back.

We then dropped a second anchor.

We sat well for a while, then the wind picked up and our stern was swinging wildly.

Sumbawa weighs about 15t with a long keel, so she moves slowly. These other boats swing quickly. So by the time we swung around, they had swung back.

The southerlies had just kicked in, so we thought it prudent to drop a 3rd anchor off the stern just to keep our bum stable. We were into the wind. We also pulled back before we did to make sure we were clear of these 2 boats.

We were on watch and everything was good. We put Blade on watch and Steve and I went inside – for 20 mins.

We then asked Blade how our position was…… His answer showed us we should have stayed outside.

We were now surrounded by these 2 boats again as the southerly had picked up to 20 knots.

They told us to move…….kindly (my perception was ‘just leave us alone.’).

We looked at our anchor mark on the chart plotter. WE HADN’T MOVED!

We let them know of our anchors and Steve begun raising the stern anchor. It is a 36kg (80lbs) anchor and it was DUG IN! It took all Steve’s strength, and he has an immense amount of it, to lift it out of the mud.

Once that was done, he turned on the motor and tried to keep us into the wind as the older kids and I raised the rope anchor. We got most of it but it was so dug in, that we couldn’t pull it out. So we raised the chain one instead.

As we were pulling out of the mud, the capstan sounded like it would burn out. It was hard. There was a voices next to us conversing “Maybe we had moved. They are really dug in.” Grinding my teeth and swearing profusely under my breath, we continued to raise the chain anchor.

I then ran back to the cockpit, swapped with Steve and he came out to raise the last of the rope anchor. It took him 3 attempts to pull it out of the mud but it finally came free.

He then ran back to the cockpit and we changed places again.

We moved out closer to the bridge, dropped, pulled back an found that we were too close to a ketch. So we raised again.

Did I mention that it was dusk, so finding a spot before dark was paramount.

We then motored further towards the bridge and saw a huge opening. It looked great. We dropped, pulled and sat wonderfully.

We then looked at the view and realized how wonderful our new position was.

We would not have to do an anchor watch during the night, we had an even more tremendous view and it was so much calmer.

I became so thankful to those other boats. We we not meant to stay there. My annoyance, frustration and anxiety lifted immediately. This was incredible!20171231_124404

We sat outside for a while admiring our view. No other boats arrived and we were quiet. We watched as the lights were checked on the bridge ready for tonight. We saw an awesome light show late into the evening.

We were so grateful for everything that we had and were excited for tomorrow.

We then went to bed, no watches required and enjoyed an absolutely fabulous nights sleep.

We woke this morning to feeling fabulous, grateful and appreciation for our life, even with the bounce from the ferries.

All of yesterday’s frustration was worth it for this. I can’t express it enough.

So I want to send a heartfelt, honest, most wonderful Thank you to S/V Flying Cloud and S/V Evenstar. You provided us with such a wonderful situation. I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH, THANK YOU!

So now we are settled, we are ready and our lives are so absolutely complete.

Also to you, Our followers. YOU are completely wonderous people whose lives inspire us to ours. We feel your love so freely and it fills our Beings!

We Really Love You All.



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3 thoughts on “New Years Eve Craziness”

  1. I’m glad you thought we were polite when we spoke on NYE, we were trying to be and we know it was stressful for all. We felt awful chasing you guys out of there like you were surrounded by a bunch of pushy Yanks, but nobody would have slept a wink! Flying Cloud had a way worse mixup with a large powerboat later in the day that hit him and the boat on the other side of him about a dozen times before someone convinced the captain he’d anchored badly and he moved.

    The problem as we saw it was multiple anchors. If you had your primary anchor out with sufficient scope to hold you (and it looked big enough for that), we all should swing the same way even if our swing speed varied we’d line up and sort out. We outweigh you by over ten tons, so we don’t exactly dance at anchor either. As soon as that second hook hits the bottom, you aren’t swinging like everyone else in the anchorage anymore and all bets are off on swinging the same way. So you didn’t move much, but the rest of us pivoted on our single anchors as expected and swung in unison, and so we all got much closer to you who wasn’t swinging in the same fashion.

    I must say we were impressed by your efforts getting the anchors up. You’ve got well trained line handling crews with the kids!

    If you see us kicking around, say hi; we’re still around Sydney. Always happy to swap stories with other sailors.

    1. Thanks guys! Im glad we moved. It was our first time doing New Years and WOW! Stressful.

      You were wonderfully polite, we were stressed.

      When we moved, it was a great spot. And you are right, no one would of slept.

      I hope you had a great evening regardless.

      Are you heading North, South or East in the future?

      Good to hear from you.

      1. Eventually, we’ll be headed North, and probably around to the west, but not for a few months. We’ve got to leave the boat for a bit and go to our son’s university graduation and visit family in the US before we do that. So it will be a while.

        It was a nice evening. We were there last year, too. If you can believe it, this year was a LOT calmer and less crowded.

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